Quick Facts About the Best Embroidery Machines

The embroidery machine is one of the most revolutionary devices that man has ever made. It reduces the time spent creating the pattern or design of the embroidery, making your work more effective. You might have heard of Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 and Singer Quantum XL-6000 as a hobbyist. They can be considered two of the best embroidery devices, comparing their price and features. If you are looking for the best embroidery machine, you must know some quick facts about embroidery machines.

  1. An Ancient Art

The craft of embroidery has been studied by an ancient art humans for eons. Early man learned how to make rudimentary ivory and bone needles and also learned how to make robust, durable plant fiber or animal sinew threads.

Ancient people discovered the art of stitching to make garments and identified that the same stitching could enhance and enrich their beauty. Bones, stones, and beads were incorporated into patterns and trends.

Vladmir in Russia, an archeological dig in Sungir, uncovered the bones of a Cro-Magnon (believed to have been alive about 30,000 BC) in 1964. His hat, fur and boots have been decorated with ivory beads in parallel rows.  It reveals that this craft is over 30,000 BC!

  1. Obscure Origins

Obscure History It is not clear what the beautiful art was invented by particular culture or time period. Primitive instances from China, Northern Europe, and Egypt were found all over the globe. In surviving Iron Age works (1300 BC-600 BC), touches of embroidered crafts were perceived.

Ancient Chinese samples from the Zhou Dynasty (as old as 1045 BC-246 BC) which include a silk gauze reflects satin stitch embroidery made in silk thread is also an example. Mosaics from Byzantium’s ancient Greek metropolis show individuals embroidered in fabrics from precious stones, pearls, and threads of silk. The art was also held in high regard by Indian, Persian, Japanese and other European cultures and applied it to religious and clothing items. The nature remains an enigma to its lovers, but throughout the span of time it has deceived communities and nations.

  1. Rise in the Middle-East

Rise in the Embroidery of the Middle East became a representation of one’s status in society and class. It became famous and rich Muslims adorned it. The tradition of embroidery has enhanced the exquisiteness of products in vibrant centers such as Cairo, Damascus, and Istanbul.

Such products included shoes, suits, flags, calligraphy, handkerchiefs, wallets, leather belts, uniforms, etc. Under such demand, the cottage industries started hiring eight hundred men.

Singer Quantum XL-6000

Think about the time you’re going to use your hand to create patterns and designs. Although as an afternoon hobby it can be quite fun and relaxing, hand craftsmanship can still be exhaustive.

You only need to press one button to thread it with the Singer Quantum Automatic Threading Program. It is a top-of-line machinery with a full threading device to set up the spool and make it much easier to thread it.

The Singer Quantum has an auto thread exchanger to save more time and energy for additional flexibility as it turns colors on its own.

This accommodates three thread colors to change the colors automatically. In addition, a wind-in-place bobbin system that provides space for a thread spool is integrated.

Husqvarna Viking Designer 1

The Designer I is integrated with high standard features and functionality at an estimated price of $3,500. It is a computerized system that, through its memory card, can store designs and patterns.

The top function is that it can be updated indefinitely over the Internet. Additionally, the Viking Designer is a sewing embroidery machine with multi-directional feed dogs, color touch screen, three hoops included, and 15 types of buttonholes.

The Husqvarna Viking Designer comes in various versions including the Quilt Designer II and the Designer SE. Some of these models can, however, be quite costly. Garanty that you have done extensive research on them before considering one of their models.

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