Why it’s never too late for a change in career

January is often a slow month for many, making everyday life and the working week more difficult than usual. With 2020 well underway, a large number of people look to start afresh and ponder the thought of looking for new job opportunities or even considering a completely different route and changing career altogether.

The thought of leaving a stable job to embark on a career change can often be a daunting prospect for many. Building a new skillset or even having to attend university or college can be off-putting for a large percentage of people, especially those at a later age.

It’s more than likely you’ll have heard the phrase “you’re never too old”, whether that’s referring to going back into the education system or if you have a desire to travel the world. Although it’s a phrase which is rather cliché for many; it’s a motto that everyone should live by.

One of the main factors which put people off a change in career is their age. One of the prime examples of why age shouldn’t play its part in deterring you from changing career, is the amount of famous faces who have worked in a normal job and taken a different path later down the line; which has in turn lead them to stardom.

To understand this in more detail, Simply Academy have taken 20 celebrities and listed what their previous job roles were, and the age in which they changed career and started on their road to fame.

From working at a zoo to starring in Rocky

Sylvester Stallone is one of the world’s most famous actors, but it may come as a surprise to you to learn that he hasn’t always been a Hollywood A-lister. At the age of 24, Stallone was working at a zoo where he would clean out animal cages. Later down the line at the age of 30, was when he secured a role in Rocky, which was soon to become one of the most successful film collections of all time.

From selling shoes to becoming one of the world’s most famous actors

George Clooney is a household name across the world. He’s best known for starring in a number of blockbuster movies and TV shows; but this hasn’t always been the case. At the age of 24, George Clooney was actually a shoe salesman and continued in this role until his early 30s. His path to becoming one of the world’s most famous faces began at the age of 33, when he hit the small screen in the much-loved series, ER.

Here are just two examples of how a change in career can change your life completely and in a good way too. If you’re wanting to start afresh and take a different career path to the one you’re currently in, then don’t let factors such as age put you off.

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