Understanding The Real Definition Of Intelligent Parcel Locker

Literally, intelligent parcel locker means a safe, effective and efficient smart locker that is used to send certain items to the users in their free time traditionally needed to deliver, transfer or store. So, it is different from the traditional definition of solving express delivery problems. The parcel locker evolved not for express delivery problems, but because people are focusing on the quality of life and the protection of personal privacy. The future value of the parcel locker depends on what users want. It provides:1) Daily diet distribution, such as fresh & fast food, milk, etc2) Daily life distribution, such as dry cleaning, take-away, etc3) Daily supplies distribution such as living supplies, family planning supplies, etc.4) Security monitoring functions5) Daily online shopping distribution such as express pick-up, second-hand recycling

6) Daily life payment such as credit card payment, bus card payment7) Repair & inspection, household management service;8) Goods exchange, public benefit, tool rentals (daily repair tools);9) Advertisement and information posting such as making announcements, print ads, LCD ads, etc;10) Self-help vending, late night shopping, etc.Taking smart locker as an e-commerce product or an express delivery tool is a relatively narrow definition. The intelligent parcel locker itself is a tool and the effect of the tool depends on the usage, scope and method.Three Indicators of the Intelligent Parcel Locker1) Area Selection: There are certain standards for parcel machine concentrating area. It has certain requirements to whole express delivery area, including the number of the households, building area, the number of residential communities and the proportion of express pieces and households. For high quality releasing area, it often takes 30,000 households as a unit; all buildings should be high-rise buildings (layer 7 or above elevator apartment), mainly medium-sized community, the overall quantity of the community is not more than 50, and the proportion of express pieces and households should be more than 12% (120 pieces/days/thousand households)2) Equipment coverage rate: The intensity determines the effect. There are certain requirements to the density of parcel machines. With 50% coverage rate, some small and medium-sized express companies are willing to pay, the value of regional channels and advertising begins to highlight. If the density of parcel machines is not high, the overall efficiency of express companies will not improve obviously and express companies are not willing to pay the price. With more than coverage rate, the delivery efficiency of express companies begins to increase several times over, from 80 pieces per day per courier to 200 pieces per day. And it will not be a problem to form self-help charge.

3) Equipment usage rate is the key: Any area is mixed with all sorts of old and small communities. The daily express of such communities is around 20 pieces/day (except for some special ones). Putting parcel machines into such area does not have obvious advertising effect, at the same time the cost and utilization rate are not high. The overall effect and meaning also is not big. So, the best coverage rate of the whole area is usually 80%. The efficiency can’t improve if it is too low, and the recycling cycle will be too long if too high.

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