Useful Tips: Keeping Restaurant Customers Happy

Happy customers are the cornerstone of any successful business. We’ve all seen programs of chefs or restaurant owners that fail to succeed because they put their ego first and not the customer. To succeed in the restaurant business, you have to keep your customers happy while investing in quality commercial kitchen equipment.Here are useful tips to keep your customers happy.1. Greet with a smile. As soon as the customer enters your restaurant, greet them with a friendly smile. A grumpy server or hostess will affect the ambience of your restaurant and will chase customers away.2. Provide a menu when you seat the customer. When they are settled in their seats, take their drinks order. If they are not ready yet, give them a few minutes but don’t stay away too long as this can frustrate a customer.

3. Be prompt. Don’t take a long time to serve the drinks that they ordered. Be fast and swift with the drinks order.4. Keep an eye on the customer. When the customer puts the menu down, they are ready to order. Don’t make the customer wait too long before you go to their table to take their food order.5. Write the order down. Take the order on a note pad. Some customers have specific diet requirements and you want to ensure that you can accommodate them.6. Serve the meal warm. The chef will prepare the meal in the kitchen and place it in the designated collection area. As soon as the meal is ready, take it to the customer immediately. No one likes a cold meal.7. Ask if the customer has any additional requirements. Find out if the customer wants any additional sauces or seasoning with their meal. If they ask for tomato sauce, get it immediately. Don’t dwindle with other tasks because during this time the customer’s meal is getting cold.8. Accurate billing. Ensure that you calculate the customer’s bill correctly. Don’t overcharge a customer because you had a busy night serving other customers. Check the bill before you give it to the customer.

9. Added Extras. Give the customer a few sweets and toothpicks to say thank you. It is advisable to give them sweets that have your restaurant logo on it. Usually they keep the extra sweets in their pockets and when they want to eat it, it will remind them of your restaurant and their experience.Great service coupled with quality catering equipment will help you to build a successful restaurant.

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