Why Donald Trump Sucks… When Getting Business Advice Consider the Source

No, it was not a typo. What it is really all about is that those of us that are self-employed need help planning our businesses. When planning our business however we need to understand that so many sources offering help are completely irrelevant to our life. Why, because the so-called expert business gurus talk in theory not grass roots reality. I visited one of Donald Trump’s websites the other day for an example and on it there was a flow chart explaining some theory on how to manage people. It was written by some guy with a doctorate in management theory at an Ivy League School. It reminded me of some of the theories presented in my college business classes. Theories that are entirely irrelevant to me and my business clients. 99% of the people in business for themselves are not worried about how to manage their labor force. Most entrepreneurs are worried about how to manage their children and the barking dog while they answer the phone. Yet somehow, people keep buying into this stuff as if it’s applicable. Note: it is not applicable. It’s not that I want people planning or starting their own business to think small but I do want them to think about their current reality. Save the flow charts for later.

People like Trump can continue to peddle this stuff because of our desire to think that whatever he says will lay the golden path to our fortune. Kiyosaki says, “make sure to check the fruit on the tree” and I think that makes great sense but apparently and thankfully nobody checked the fruit on his trees when he was just a seedling. Nor did they check it after he went bankrupt. He’s a great entrepreneur and I truly believe he’s got his heart in the right place but be sure to recognize we all start somewhere. Sometimes information from different sources makes us more confused and anxious as we try to make their “stuff” fit our situation. Often people that have “made it” fail to give you the real truth about where they once were fearing it will compromise their fortune. I really think this makes many people feel hopeless with where they are at in life. especially entrepreneurs that put everything on the line while building their businesses.

I know as a business coach having the right mindset when you wake up in the morning is more important than any flow chart. Be careful to take advice but filter it as well. Take advice from those that identify with your path and offer advice germane to your current situation. For every person that was told their idea was stupid or wouldn’t work I’ll show you an entrepreneur that did it anyhow.

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