The Differences between Industrial Shelving and Pallet Racking Systems in Edmonton

Some people mistakenly assume that industrial shelving and pallet racking in Edmonton are the same thing. However, those who work in the warehouses or industrial plants know that the two are totally different storage systems. The catch-all term ‘warehouse shelving’ is widely used to refer to both pallet racks and shelving. While the two systems are used for the purpose of holding goods and pallets of goods, you are bound to discover that the two have different applications in various situations. So, you’re probably wondering which one is suitable for your needs. It all boils down to the specific items you wish to store.

Industrial Shelving

Shelving is a basic form of storage. Note that the typical industrial shelf commonly found in industrial plants is best suited for smaller goods. The staff working in the industrial plants picks the goods up and places them by hand and not with the help of a forklift. The goods are shelved individually and not by pallet. However, smaller goods can be bundled collectively or put inside small boxes. Even so, more warehouses are incorporating drone systems in their storage systems, which are capable of reaching into shelves to pick up goods or items.

Industrial shelving is mostly produced using metal or wood. The shelving has numerous solid shelves and made available in any desired height. The shelves are made from solid metal pieces or wood instead of mesh. While most shelving solutions are placed on or bolted into the ground, some have wheels and others are mechanized. The mechanized industrial shelving can be easily moved to allow for easier access of the middle section. These come in handy when you need to save space.

Pallet Racking In Edmonton

Pallet racking in Edmonton, unlike industrial shelves, is meant to be accessed using machines such as cherry pickers, forklifts, or the automated systems. The pallet racking systems are generally deeper and taller than shelves, as they are not limited by the height or length of individuals accessing them. Pallets filled with products or goods in larger boxes can easily be stored on the rack systems.

Racks are produced using heavy-duty materials and they are affixed to floors or walls in most instances for increased safety. While pallet racking systems are available in virtually any height, most warehouses may avoid pallets that go beyond a certain height as a safety measure. Instead of using solid shelving, pallet racking systems have no shelves while others may have mesh shelves. Some also feature some special rails where pallets can easily slide. 

Which one should you choose?

The most appropriate storage solution for your needs will largely be determined by what you need to store on them. A pharmaceutical plant or store that stores pharmaceuticals, for instance, will find it more beneficial to use industrial shelving  because these allow for hand selecting whatever items or goods needed. On the other hand, if you want to store large quantities of goods such as toys, sporting goods, shoes, or other similar items, you would be better off with pallet racking in Edmonton. Note that the aforementioned goods are normally bundled in stacks on the pallet storage systems.

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