The Benefits of LED Commercial Lighting in Toronto

LED commercial lighting systems have taken the world of artificial lighting by a storm; this is attributed to the fact that LED lighting has helped many businesses shave up to eighty per cent of their energy costs. Thanks to the science and technology that goes into LED lighting, the LED light bulbs have been designed to immensely increase energy efficiency.

LED commercial lighting, as well as LED retrofit lighting in Toronto for businesses, has outperformed existing lighting technology in every way. Here is a look at some brilliant benefits businesses that have switched to LED lighting get to enjoy.

  1. Financial Savings

As we mentioned earlier, LED lighting has major economic benefits to offer. When the LED lighting bulbs were first introduced on the market, one could only purchase them at a hefty price, but thankfully, the price has substantially reduced, making them the best option to use for lighting in the workplace and in homes. LED lighting in Toronto consumes 75 per cent less energy than traditional lighting fixtures because they burn less energy and produce less heat, which in turn decreases energy bills up to 80 per cent. This means you can save thousands of dollars on energy bills per year by simply making use of LED lighting.

  1. Life of Service

Due to their low energy consumption, LED lights offer an incredible lifespan in comparison to their counterpart traditional light bulbs. LED light bulbs are designed to offer more than 50,000 hours of operating time which can translate to over 10 years of use before they need to be replaced. What’s more, frequent off and on flipping of LED lights has no effect on the lifespan of the bulbs.

  1. Require Little Maintenance

Aside from financial benefits, you will be glad to learn that LED retrofit lighting in Toronto requires little to no maintenance. This is attributed to the fact that LED bulbs are highly durable and do not need constant repairs, thus labour costs are saved, as well. Since LED light bulbs do not have to be changed often, the risk of injuries involved when employees are servicing the lights at a facility can be avoided, as well.

  1. Upgrading is quick and easy

LED light bulbs are generally smaller and lightweight in comparison to conventional bulbs, thus shipping costs are lower, too. Furthermore, with LED lighting, there is no need to incur more costs on new light fixtures. Instead, one can invest in commercial LED retrofit lighting in Toronto. LED retrofitting is very cost-effective, not to mention it helps reduce recurring maintenance costs and improves lighting quality.

  1. Environmentally-Friendly

When an organization is looking for ways to go green, switching to LED commercial lighting is always the best option. LED light bulbs usually last longer and don’t need to be replaced very often, hence less waste is dumped in landfills. Moreover, LED light bulbs are designed to use less energy and give off little heat, thus less pollution is generated, which helps protect the environment.

Wrapping Up

LED lighting is without a doubt a sustainable long-term lighting option that can help companies reduce their energy bills as well as their carbon footprint, which in turn makes them more attractive to their customers.

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