What To Look For In An Intranet Services Provider

Intranet is one of the most essential management tools of the 21st century, and businesses in industries as diverse as healthcare, finance, government, retail, and sport rely on sophisticated intranet solutions to help streamline communications and enhance productivity.

Not all intranet providers offer comparable levels of service, however, and nor can they all provide solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of different industries. For example, standard intranet solutions like SharePoint are often unsuited to the needs of smaller and medium-sized businesses due to the number of dedicated IT personnel needed to run them effectively.

If your business wants to make intranet part of its communication strategy, or if you are unsatisfied with your current intranet site, here are three things you should look for in a new intranet services provider:

Easy Set-Up And Installation

There is a common misconception that intranet is only for large corporations with an established IT department that can maintain and run their organization’s intranet site. But not all intranet solutions require a major investment of human and financial capital, and accessing premium intranet solutions doesn’t mean being saddled with the onerous costs associated with running an intranet site on your own.

Providers like Intranet Connections have made a name for itself by doing most of the back-end coding ahead of time, which means that their software requires minimal installation and is significantly more affordable and user-friendly than intranet solutions provided by their competitors.

Customizable Solutions

When it comes to intranet, the best solutions are those that are most closely tailored to the actual needs of the business or organization. You don’t want your intranet to be so sophisticated and complex that you need a team of IT staff to run it, but a one-size-fits-all option that doesn’t provide the right features is of no use either.

The core function of most intranet sites is to provide a secure, centralized library for policies and documents, a secure email communication service, and digital tools to help manage workflow and track performance. But different industries have different needs, and for those in healthcare, finance, or government, finding an intranet solutions provider that understands the particular needs of their sector and is able to provide features designed for their particular needs can make their intranet more effective.

Good Horizontal Communication Tools

An internal email server linked to an intranet site can play a huge role in increasing resilience as the threat of cyber crime becomes more serious. But many intranet providers also offer optional communication tools that can help make organizations more connected horizontally.

While an in-house social media network may not be right for every organization, for those who want to increase employee engagement and improve morale, these tools can be powerful indeed.

In the fast-paced world of contemporary business, a good intranet site is becoming more and more of a necessity for organizations of all sizes that want to remain competitive. Whether you are considering your first intranet site or want to upgrade your current site, making sure your next intranet solutions provider offers easy set-up and installation, customizable solutions, and an array of different communications tools is the best way to guarantee your employees get the most out of it.

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