Three Motor Trade Insurance Renewal Tips

If the time has come to begin looking for renewal quotes for your trade insurance, you may be dreading what’s to come. However, with these tips your search may not be as stressful as you had anticipated.

Don’t Leave It Too Late

Searching for the right motor trade insurance can feel like a chore, and so it can be easy to put it off. However, by doing so you run the risk of your insurance premiums getting higher as each day passes. By starting your search early, you can take the time to understand how your current policy compares in relation to any new quotes. It also ensures that you are not left without insurance if you forget to renew in time. Looking for quotes 21 days before your renewal date is optimal.

Be Honest

With so many factors playing a huge part in potential insurance quotes, it can be easy to not be entirely honest when it comes to the questions they ask, with the hope it will reduce your premium. This is something that should never be done, as it could void your insurance completely and leave you uninsurable.

If you have young employees who need to be covered, make sure that you include them as a named driver. Whilst insuring those under 25 can be more expensive, there are ways to help reduce costs if it is absolutely necessary. However, if this just isn’t practical, make sure you search extensively to find comparable quotes.

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Do Your Research

It may be convenient to continue your policy with your existing insurance provider, but this is a common problem that can cause drivers to pay more in premiums. Whilst it is possible that they may be able to offer a great quote, other providers will often offer you something much more competitive. Do your research and look into several companies, such as qmt motor trade insurers, who can see if they are able to better any quotes you have received so far.

You should also look carefully into what exactly is covered to make sure that there is nothing unnecessary in there which could drive your premiums up. Obviously, making sure that you are covered for everything that you need is essential, but you shouldn’t have to pay more to have something included that you don’t actually need.


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