Why Businesses Should Keep An Eye On The Type Of Locks They Install

From a pin that can open a lock with a single flick of the wrist to that of swiping cards to open closed doors, thieves have come a long way indeed and are now more sophisticated with their equipment. That said, whether one is installing a lock for residential or commercial property, choosing the right lock can make a difference. Deadbolts, levers, padlocks and knob locks are just some of the most common locks out there and knowing the security features of each lock will help you prevent and even deter thieves and make your business safe.Padlocks and Knob LocksKnob locks are the most common lock type used for residential and office spaces. These locks have knobs and can be locked by turning the key-like knob in the center of the lock. What is great with these locks is that it serves as a basic lock for homes and offices. The disadvantage on the other hand is that it can be easily broken off when a hard object is used such as a hammer or wrench. When the one part of the lock is destroyed, the remaining parts will fall off completely. Using this type is recommended for companies that do not receive cash or have confidential documents left in the office.

A padlock on the other hand is another common lock that comes in a combination or is keyed. To open the combination, one must key in the correct numbers whereas keyed ones require a physical key to open it. These come in different styles and shapes; however these locks are not beneficial for businesses as bolt cutters can easily cut on the lock and intruders can gain access to the building.DeadboltsDeadbolts are advantageous when installed on external doors. You will find 3 types of deadbolts being sold in the market – single, double and lockable thumbturn. The bolts are harder to penetrate and thus advantageous for offices that have cash such as banks or retail stores as these cannot be opened easily by thieves. One disadvantage however is that one requires a key to open the bolt making it harder to get out of the place when accidents or emergencies happen.

Lever LocksFor companies that deal with elderly or disabled individuals, lever handle locks are preferable. This is due to the fact that these types are easier for handicapped individuals to open the door. All they have to do is to push the handle down and the door will open.

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