3 Tips to Make Your Promotional Emails More Clickable

If you have just started a new business or looking to expand your venture then one of the best inbound marketing tactics is to send emails to people who want to hear from you. But still most of the times your email disappears in the inbox clutter or worse is that it drops into spam folder.

When somehow your email got opened by someone, and it still remains unclicked; at that time you think of yourself that you were that close to get a win. To overcome this issue, I came up with some tips that can be helpful to make your email more clickable:

1- Use personal email account, instead of company email account:

When you use your personal email id, it increases email open rate. As, people mostly trust an email received from a personalized sender instead of a generic company email. In some cases, combination of company name and a person name also work well but that depends upon your company, brand or industry. So, you can give a try to both and can access which works best for you.

If you have not worked on email personalization yet; this is the time to test it and certainly, you should see improving click through rate.

2- Add links to images in email

The ultimate goal of email marketing for startups is to get people reach to their webpage. The best way to get through the webpage without simply copying the link as mostly people don’t click on the URL, so the best is to add link to your image in the email.

To add link to your image, simply click on the image and use email tool “insert/Edit link” option.

3- Set the preview text

Most of the email clients only display first few lines from the body of your email along with the subject of your email. You can also say that it’s the text preview of the whole content of the email. So, use your preview text precisely and to the point and more than 50 characters.

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