Your Business Is People

Do you want to move up in your organization?Do you want to improve your team performance?Do you want to make more money?If yes; then focus on what matters: your mission. Just know this: if your mission isn’t people, you are focusing on the wrong mission. Like it or not, believe it or not, regardless of how much you resist this idea: you are in the people business.Your business is people. This is “the one and only thing” you must get right. If you are not all about people then you have wandered off the fast track – you’re in the weeds; toxic, potentially poisonous weeds – it’s time to refocus.You might still be thinking: I’m not in the people business. I’m in technology or transportation or government or finance or you name it. But you are in the people business. All business, all trade, all commerce, all human activity designed to make money is for the sole purpose of meeting wants and needs; of satisfying people’s desires.

All business, all commerce, all moneymaking opportunities exist for or come by way of other people. No exceptions. You are in the business of satisfying desires; of meetings wants and needs; of helping people get what they want – no matter how far removed you may be from those people or those moments of fulfillment. You are in the people business. Your business is people.Enterprises fail when business people lose sight of the fact their mission is people. It’s not, and never has been, about dotting “I”s and crossing “t”s. It’s not about revenue streams and gross margins. It’s not about deadlines and efficiencies. It’s about people. It’s about helping people get what they want. Yes it’s as simple and as complicated as that.To really get down to brass tacks and define your purpose with even greater precision, know this: you and I, we, all of us are in the “feelings business.” You see the only thing human beings do; the motive of every human action is to change how he or she feels.We, you and I, all of us moment to moment, every single day, act to change how we feel. If we’re hungry we act to fill our bellies. If we’re uncomfortable we seek comfort. Everything we do is to change how we feel. And business, your business or government agency, all businesses and government agencies exist for the sole purpose of helping people change how they feel; of helping people feel better. You are in the feelings business.

So, how is your business going? Are you growing? Are you consistently helping more people? Or has your forward momentum stalled?If your momentum has stalled it may be time to reassess what you’ve been focusing on. Remember, you are in the people business; your business is people. Help people – your customers and clients, your co-workers and colleagues, your employees and employers – feel better.If your highest priority isn’t helping people feel better you are missing the greatest business opportunity of all. Your livelihood depends on helping people. Your business is people. Get to it.

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