Remote Worksite Contractors in Grande Prairie

If you have ever worked at a remote worksite, you definitely understand the kinds of challenges that are usually faced by individuals working on projects in remote areas. For instance, you might have difficulties getting to your worksite, experience water shortages, as well as inability to transport raw materials to and debris from the worksite. If you are in such a situation, you should consider seeking help from remote worksite contractors.

Remote Worksite Contractors in Grande Prairie

If you have a project at a remote site in Grande Prairie and are having difficulties starting or proceeding with the work, there are well known contractors that can supply you with whatever you need or offer you the kinds of services you require. They have assortments of specialized equipment and trucks that they normally use in their service delivery. Whether you are in dire need of quality water hauling, or dust compaction in Grande Prairie, these contractors can help. They have specialized in:

  1. Water Hauling

Water is a very vital component at any remote worksite. For instance, you may need it for dust compaction, construction, cooling your equipment and machines as well as drinking, cleaning, cooking and for use in your bathroom facilities, among other things. This means that insufficient supply of water can literally halt your operations. Fortunately, these companies have special trucks that can supply you with any amount of water you need at your site.

  1. Dust Compaction

Soil, dirt and dust, which are an embodiment of the earth, can be quite delicate. Fortunately, these contractors are experienced in providing reliable dust compaction for construction, industrial and residential applications. Ideally, dust compaction usually helps in increasing the effective shear strength, reducing long-term and deferential settlement as well as densifying the fine-grained soils to reduce moisture absorption. If you are in need of dust compaction in Grande Prairie, these contractors can help.

  1. Ice Road Building

These contractors can also help you to build ice roads for safe, easy and cost-effective access to your site. They are able to plow clearly-marked paths for you to transport your equipment and debris across the frozen bodies of water. Their ice roads are completely free of any obstacles and allow for easier navigation. These contractors also keep very well-maintained equipment that is always ready for use.


  1. Track Rentals

The contractors also have an assortment of track carriers that they normally offer on rental basis at very affordable rates. They have both the single as well as crew cabs, which usually come with either an operator or without one based on your needs. Furthermore, all of their tracks usually come with water tanks. In addition, the experts have also specialized in repairing and servicing of different off-road track carriers. If you need to replace certain parts of your carrier, they also offer a wide assortment of parts to suit your needs.

These contractors can also offer you great trucking services as well as reliable supplies of bentonite chips. Their objective is always to make your work at a remote worksite as seamless and hassle-free as possible, hence saving you both time and money. Whether you are in need of reliable water hauling, or quality dust compaction in Grande Prairie, they have you covered.

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