The Latest Challenges for Medical Packaging That Were Discussed in COMPAMED 2021

One of processes used for pharmaceutical preparations is pharmaceutical packaging for making up packages. It will require a number of operations from production to the distribution of drugs till it reaches the end consumer. The main function of this medial packaging is to ensure that the pharmaceutical or medical product is protected. Here, we will look at the packaging materials the are the most commonly used. There are an array of materials that are used in pharmaceutical packaging, and require careful selection, so that the drug is preserved and protected.

It was a pleasure to personally attend the 2021 COMPAMED event so that it was possible to have a face to face meetings with customers. The Medica/COMPAMED 2021 event was attended by more than 46,000 visitors who came from 150 countries, and gave us opportunities to engage with colleagues, partners, and customers.

We were able to discuss with them, all the challenges for packaging that the wider healthcare community faced, and it also enabled the showcasing of the latest innovations in medical packaging.

Medical Device Packaging – Key Challenges

Medical device companies consider that the pressing matters in this area of operations this year were continuity of business, security of the supply chain, safety, sustainability, and usability.

There were traditionally present challenges in packaging faced by manufacturers of medical devices like integrity of packaging, sterility of the medical device, shelf life, and transit resistance, that still remained as part of any conversations. These have never gone away, and the requirements have only grown.

There is an increased focus on sustainability and this may soon become medical packaging’s top challenge. A persistent theme during our conversations was on how it was necessary to balance the requirements of sustainability and performance that were identified with medical packaging.

The ongoing COVID pandemic led to supply chain concerns being made worse, and raised questions about the maintenance of the supply chain by the minimizing of disruptions, and potential problems that require to be reduced in severity.

We received valuable feedback through these interactions that will be of help to us, so that our teams will be prepared to meet the emerging and current challenges faced by customers. These insights can act as a guide for future innovation and service models as well as our R&D pipeline.

Amcor booth at COMPAMED 2021

Packaging innovations that were on show

A new packaging technology, Dessiflex®, that was on show was for diagnostic as well as moisture sensitive devices. The technology of Dessiflex® provided a packaging solution that was user-friendly and fully integrated and enhanced the protection given to products that were moisture sensitive. The sealant layer in the Dessiflex laminates had a desiccant incorporated into them and this gets rid of the need for any other moisture scavengers and also extends shelf life. This material is made available in pre-made pouches as well as rollstock that will allow both small and large customers to increase their production of the devices that are sensitive to moisture.

Dessiflex Pouch

Our Dual Chamber Pouch was presented. This pouch is a breakthrough in technology that makes packing simple and allows for aseptic opening for any combinations of device and drug. One chamber that can hold the device is peelable, and the other is the one that holds the moisture scavenger. The membrane between the two chambers is breathable and this allows the desiccant to control the environment, while still ensuring that there is no risk of any direct contact between the device and the desiccant.

Dual Chamber Pouch
Amcor Dual Chamber Pouch

You can contact our packaging experts if you missed this show, and ask for an appointment for discussing with them the challenges in medical packaging challenges that you face.

The next event is in the spring of 2022 where we look forward to see you, and here our focus will be on the sustainability of medical packaging. Until then if you need to stay up to date on the latest trends in medical packaging, you can sign up so that you receive regular information, invitations to webinars that deal with sustainability, regulations, and any other current topics on packaging.

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