London Location – How A Prestigious Virtual Office Address Can Benefit Your UK Business

Finding new ways to solve your business issues is a big challenge for many professionals. A sure-fire method to helping provide a distinguished reputation for your UK business is by using virtual offices instead of working from home or not providing a permanent location to your clients.

One of the main advantages for companies who choose to opt for a virtual office address is the economic benefit of no longer having to pay the rent or mortgage on a physical location. Additionally, the company also makes savings by no longer having any monthly utility bills to pay and instead consolidates these costs into a monthly or annual membership with the virtual office provider.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the additional benefits that a virtual office address can provide your business with.

Gain People’s Trust

The public is a tough audience. Many entrepreneurs and owners of small or medium-sized enterprises or SMEs often use their own mobile phone for business transactions as well as personal dealings which can create a negative impression of their business. The reason for this is that people often prefer to see a landline number for a company, although this is changing as technology develops and fewer people install landlines, even in their homes.

However, whilst this is still the case, by using a virtual office, businesses can be assured that they will not lose clients due to using their mobile phone because as part of the service of virtual office providers, a landline phone number and physical address is provided, both of which help people to feel more comfortable approaching a business.

There are companies who also offer the service of a receptionist to receive and forward calls as well as to take messages if necessary. This service is not provided by all competitors. Additionally, an office with an address in the city of London demonstrates that the company is well-established and therefore is trustworthy.

Expand Your Business’ Horizons

By using a premium virtual office provider, businesses in the UK can also access virtual office spaces around the world. There are a number of benefits related to this access which can be vastly advantageous to a UK-based company.

Initially, by being a member of a virtual office group, your business can gain access to the worldwide community that the provider connects, including the use of conference and meeting rooms around the globe in their other locations when necessary. This allows businesses and self-employed individuals to contact and meet with collaborators, suppliers and clients from a range of countries. Not only can employers find talent around the world to suit their business demands, but they can also use this asset to reach out to new markets in other parts of the world.

Avoid The London Commute

As much as us Londoners are proud of our world-famous Tube, we have to admit that it’s also one of those love-hate relationships. Being able to escape the underground rush hour traffic has to be one of the main benefits for many Londoners working remotely or using virtual offices. Therefore, not only will you benefit your company externally, but also internally as your employees can work from home or wherever it best suits them.

Flexibility Is Key

The flexibility that is offered to entities using virtual offices is essential to improving and strengthening their business. Not having to worry about finding a place to do the necessary administrative duties needed for an office such as printing, faxing and copying, and knowing that the correspondence is being taken care of, signifies that the company or freelancer has one less concern regarding the daily running of their business. This, in addition to the other benefits presented, demonstrates how advantageous a distinguished address can be for a UK business.

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