Internet Business Advice – A Seven Point Getting Started Checklist

If you’re wondering around in circles trying to get an Internet business off the ground then you might find this 7 point checklist of some help to you. This could be the best internet business advice you get.#1 How many hours a week can you commit to your online business? I suggest the minimum of ten;#2 What niche are you intended to work in? You must know a lot about this niche to give away and sell useful information to help others;

#3 What business model do you intend to use? You must enjoy doing this on a daily basis. It could be blogging or email marketing or a handful of others. Choose one and choose wisely, you’ll be doing this everyday for the rest of your Internet business life;#4 What marketing strategies will you use? I would suggest to only use between 1-3 marketing techniques. Then commit to being an expert in at least one of these techniques. It could be article marketing, SEO, PPC or whatever. Do what you can afford and what you enjoy;#5 What affiliate products are you going to promote. I’m putting this in here now because most people don’t have their own product when they first start out. Recommend affiliate products that will help your customers solve their particular problem at that time.#6 How are you going to keep in touch with your customers? You need to build a list. Your visitors start out as prospects, then subscribers and then eventually customers. You cannot do this if you don’t have a list. If you don’t have a list, your visitors will never return and then you miss out on the prospect-subscriber-customer pattern.

#7 How do you intend to grow your business? Are you going to start producing and selling your own products (to your ever increasing list!). Also are you going to think about outsourcing some of your tasks?

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