Insulation Contractors in Oshawa

If you want to live, work or do business in a safe and comfortable environment, then you need to ensure that your building is properly insulated and does not have any hazardous materials. Besides keeping you, your family, employees and/or customers safe and comfortable, doing this will also add value to that particular property. Fortunately, there are insulation companies that have specialized in providing great insulation and hazardous material removal services.

Insulation Contractors in Oshawa

If you have a commercial or residential property that needs insulation installation, insulation removal or hazardous material removal in Oshawa, you will find reputable insulation contractors that can help. They are highly skilled in handling different types of insulation and hazardous materials and will definitely meet your needs. Whether you need professional mould remediation or removal of ice damming in Oshawa, these contractors can meet your needs. Their services include:

1) Ice Damming Removal

When there is snow and ice freezing on the unheated parts of the roof, they are likely to cause ice damming. In turn, the frozen water will cause that roof to start warping, creating gaps for the melting ice to drip and leak through your house. Before this happens, you can schedule an inspection with these contractors. Here, the insulation contractors will check, ventilate and properly insulate your attic. They will also identify any potential problem areas that could be prone to ice damming and fix them. If you want to remove ice damming in Oshawa, these contractors can help.

2) Mould Remediation

Mould is an extremely resilient organism that can thrive virtually anywhere with warmth and moist conditions. Unfortunately, it can cause structural problems, bad odours and a range of health complications. If you have seen any signs of mould in your building such as mouldy and musty odours, small dark patches near your pipes, on walls or ceilings, or discolouration and water stains on your indoor surfaces, you can contact these contractors for help. They will plan an inspection, assess your property and remediate any existing mould.

3) Spray Foam Insulation Installation

If you want your home to be structurally sound and comfortable, then spray foam insulation will no doubt be the best solution for you. The insulation usually creates an air-tight seal in your building’s walls and ceilings, which helps in keeping the air outside. It will also reduce your energy costs quite significantly and make your space more energy efficient.


Some of the main benefits of this insulation include:

  1. a) Improved air quality
  2. b) Efficient heating and cooling
  3. c) Reduced noise pollution
  4. d) It permanently adheres to the surfaces
  5. e) It does not normally settle over time
  6. f) Reduced moisture infiltration
  7. g) Increased structural strength

These contractors can also help you with the installation, repair and replacement of batt and blown insulation, as well as insulation removal. The highly skilled technicians usually use advanced techniques that ensure safe and effective service delivery to their clients. Moreover, they always ensure prompt delivery of these services. Whether you are in urgent need of mould remediation or the removal of ice damming in Oshawa, these contractors can reliably help.

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