Four Ways to Improve Sales in Our Modern Climate

Whether you’re training new sales hires, or you’re the one new to the team, it’s always smart to continually refresh and adapt your selling techniques. Customers and clients change and so should you. The type of sales pitches and relationships that worked decades ago certainly don’t work now. (And let’s admit that ABC: “Always Be Closing” is not particularly helpful nor incisive advice.)One of the most important ways to improve sales isn’trelated to one’s actual selling techniques.

Check out the following suggestions to improve your training and strategies thatconsider the realities of the marketplace today.

Find the most qualified candidates quickly.

Before you can train sales agents to succeed, you need to recruit great people. Job boards will find you a wealth of applicants but selecting the best people to interview from a sea of emails is a waste of everyone’s time. Accessing the assistance and resources of an expert sales talent agency is your wisest bet to find the best seasoned and new professionals. Look for an agency that has worked on thousands of recruitment projects and can target your specific industry. Review their case studies and click here to learn more about the success stories andmetrics of a prime example.

Start the selling process online.

Today’s selling strategies heavily rely on incorporating digital strategies. Very few clients want to discover you from a random phone call. They conduct their own research online and first learn about you in that digital space before speaking to anyone.

Online marketing, social media, and web development teams are the people onthe front lines making the first impressions. You need a stellar site that utilizes proper SEO techniques so you can be found. Your digital presence needs to be informative and connect customers to sales agentswith an impressive presentation. The appropriate social media channels, a live chat,and/or a quick and streamlined way to email or request a call, should be readily apparent.

Bring in the sales agent at the right point.

If the prospective client feels they can get all the information they need to make a decision from your site, they won’t see the need to engage with a live agent. There must be a proper digital presentation that acts as an appealing appetizer, yet the real meat of the meal is delivered by your sales team. Draw them in with introductory information that will whet their appetite, so they’ll want to know more and will take the time to speak to someone to do so.

Closing deals quickly leads to faster and bigger growth.When a client researches you online during their own time, it helps expedite things. Bringing in a connection to a real agent will seal the deal.

Work together.

Each member of the team needs to stick to a well-developed sales strategy that speaks to the brand, its values and mission, and that engages target clients in a meaningful way. Everyone should be presenting cohesive messaging, which is important if a client speaks to multiple people. So, develop one together if you haven’t already.

“Healthy” competition among agents is an outdated model. You want your sales team to operate like an impressive, high-efficiency machine. If a client could be speaking to someone else who understands their industry, brand, or needs better, pass them off. Develop ways to reward working together, not being cut-throat within your own business.

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