11 Cool Content Tactics for Blogging Travel Pros

Captivate your clients. Captivate new clients. Captivate the media.Did you know that 19% of travelers consult a blog when planning a trip? Think about how many people you have an opportunity to reach when you showcase your expertise and provide readers with added value.When I speak at industry conferences the biggest blogging question I hear is “Where do I find interesting and relevant things to write about?” Great question and here is a list of solutions for you!These content boosting opportunities have been divided into expertise levels so that if you’re just starting out in the blogging world you’ll find ideas in the novice section to quickly and easily get you rolling out blogs with content that’s easy to access and research. Then as you get more comfortable with your writing style there are intermediate ideas that you can use to leverage your skills. The advanced ideas are great for bloggers that need more momentum to keep their content fresh and engaging.

Novice ContentWhen you begin a blog it can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. These essential content building sources will give you a jump-start. Each of these killer ideas are designed to tap into your creativity and let your expertise shine. How about writing about:

Historical facts from your top selling property, attraction or destination

Top Customer Service issues that are brought up by your clients

Funny questions from clients

You know the ones… “can my dog sit on my lap on the plane?”

Trivia from destinations, hotels, attractions.

How many eggs does your favorite ship board prior to departure?

How many pumpkins did your top selling boutique hotel order last Halloween?

Construct your blog around the trivia and weave in additional information that will temp people to call you to book their trip.

Review your client comments and testimonials for possible content.

Did someone compliment you on your insider knowledge of a specific destination? Write a blog post about it with some insider tips and a call to action to book with you Include the client testimonial (with their permission)

Subscribe to other blogs

Supplier blogs and trade blogs are a great inspiration to help you capture ideas

Search out others in your sector to see what’s top of mind for them

Do something different

Check what conversations are happening at other Social Media sites

Check out supplier sites as well as associations and other travel agents

Mine the web and social sites of your top selling suppliers for the latest press releases

Add your experience with the topic and showcase your photos

Read a variety of publications for relevant, interesting travel news

Write a blog on your thoughts and experiences as related to the article

Link to the original article

Inspiration is merely the start of great blogs. You’re an industry expert and here’s your chance to be inspired to write material that will entice people to look to you when planning their travels.Happy writing. Where do you find inspiration for your blog?Here are some time saving writing tips.Connect with me online, and join me socially!

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