The Core Ingredient Of Your Brand – Corporate Logo Design

Twenty years back, nobody told the evolving and existing companies to have a unique brand identity, the successful ones knew what it is to have an image that beats all – so they followed their instincts and came up with their own signature face called a ‘logo’. A corporate logo is pretty much your company’s first impression to your audience. It’s your brand introduction. A well designed corporate logo helps brand lay a strong foundation for building a reliable and trustworthy image that helps you won over viewer’s confidence and turn leads into conversion big time. Sadly, people judge a book by its cover and for your brand identity your logo is the cover. Why not use it as an opportunity in the first place?A corporate logo should be as pleasing as your company’s offerings itself. If you have all the products with the best of quality, superior locations for your stores and amazing employees to kick start your operations but if your corporate logo displays a poor quality design, your brand does not get the repo it deserves to appear reliable and with that all the efforts are just flop.

Chances are that you can achieve an incredible logo if you spend a considerable amount of time and efforts on creating a fool-proof logo design process. Each and every element of your brand logo has a science behind it. Good logos are always well thought out. Each image, font, color, shape, graphics, has a strategic plan that leads to an award winning logo. We questioned many design experts to come up with all the important answers. Turns out the most common thing among all the successful logo is simplicity and right color choice. The less artwork your logo has the more effective it will be. The last thing you want for your audience is to be confused by the complex design of your corporate logo. It’s all about simplifying the message and delivering it effectively. Let’s not forget the importance of colors. According to psychologists colors add meaning to designs, having the potential to convey certain messages to human brain which then perceives the delivered idea. Each color has a certain meaning that gives meaning to your brand name. For example if you own a restaurant that caters to vegetarians only, you would rather pick a design that seems friendly to veg lovers with color green instead of going with a screaming color like red or yellow.According to consumer psychology, each color that you choose plays a vital role in delivering the meaning of your design. Each color is associated with a certain emotion, a feeling that’s evoked every time a viewer comes in contact with it.

Red in Business – It displays action, high energy and demands attention

Orange in Business – It is the colors of adventure, inspiration and enthusiasm. It shows sociability and suggests affordability.Yellow in Business- A color of mental clarity that illuminates and uplift our logical side and excites our mood.Green in Business – A color associated with health, healing and nature love

Turquoise in Business – A Color suggesting balance and excites emotions along with inspiration of good expression- skills.Blue in Business – A color that promotes trust, feeling of reliability and strength.

Indigo in Business – It is a color of integrity and sincerity. It suggests strong moral values and loyalty.Purple in Business – Nothing promotes fantasy, creativity and richness better than purple.

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