Guests arriving? 3 tips to make your guest bedroom scream ‘coziness’

Up until last year at least, I was lucky enough to have my guest room in regular use. Whether it was family or friends, every other weekend seemed to prompt visitors.

However, there was once a time where I felt anything-but lucky. In fact, I felt a little embarrassed.

My guest room was a junk room. It was the room where anything that didn’t fit anywhere else was positioned. The result? Utterly uninviting.

Over the years it has been decorated and arrives armed with soft duvets and all of the other home decor tips one might expect.

Out of everything I have implemented, there are three tips that I swear by though:

  1. The simplest trick of all: flowers
  2. Make a comfortable sitting space
  3. Provide a clear wardrobe

As you can see, all of the above is inexpensive to implement, but let’s talk a little more about each one.

Starting with flowers, this is one of the cheapest yet most effective methods of all to implement. If you turn to a company like Avas Flowers, who now supply most of the country, your flowers can be scheduled to arrive to coincide with your guests. There are some Avas Flowers reviews on this page, and a little Avas Flowers inspiration over here. I have used the company regularly and found that it provides the biggest ‘hello!’ possible to guest and reinforces the fact that this room has been cared for and is ready to embrace them.

The next one can be as expensive or low-cost as you like. Something that I found as I visited other houses was that there was never anywhere comfortable to sit in the guest room. This is something I made a priority in our home.

As well as the bed, there are a couple of comfy armchairs that nestle in the corner of the room. It means that guests are again greeted with a homely experience, which is crucial to a successful guest room.

Finally, let’s talk about the wardrobe. Another pet-peeve of mine when visiting other households was that there was nowhere to put my clothes. Sometimes there was a chair, but the last thing I wanted was for guests to be throwing their clothes on the chairs I had bought specifically for their comfort!

Clearing the wardrobe was the easiest solution. I didn’t want this to become a sub-section of the junk room, it needed to be welcoming. The best method to do this was to completely eradicate all of the junk and leave clear hanging space.

As you can see, all of the above advice is hardly groundbreaking – but it allows guests to settle in my home within minutes. Granted, there is oh-so-much more you can do with a guest room but start with the above and see how your visitors react.

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