Growing Your Customer Base

Whether you’re starting a new business or hoping to jumpstart an existing one, activities designed to attract and maintain customers will be well worth the effort. An assortment of promotions targeting your key demographic will not only boost your brand awareness but also foster client loyalty that will improve your bottom line. Consider the following ways to

Get the Word Out

Make potential customers aware of your product or services through promotional campaigns Asheville that focus on your target market. In addition to the traditional methods such as flyers, posters, sponsorships or advertisements, try some interactive ideas. Host a competition for the best photo related to your business, create a caption contest or sweepstakes where each social media post about your company counts as an entry, for instance.

Expand Your Influence

Extend the reach of your promotional efforts through the internet. Make use of “social media influencers” – celebrities, bloggers and industry experts who often sway their audience to frequent businesses or purchase certain goods. Send product samples or coupons to those who can write reviews or showcase your company and reach your demographic. If your budget allows, you can also form a partnership with one of these trendsetters to promote your product directly.

Show Your Expertise

Reach new customers and increase your credibility by producing a newsletter to place on your website, mail to potential clients and distribute to your email list. Instead of using the publication to strictly advertise your business, fill each issue with industry-related questions and answers, trend watches, spotlights on customers or solutions to common problems that your patrons face. The information and assistance will encourage readers to trust your knowledge and consult you when they’re in the market for your goods or services.

Return to the Past

Attempt to increase your customers by reaching out to past clients that have fallen away through the years. Contact former patrons with an email or phone call to determine if they’re still in the market for your product or services, as their needs may simply have changed. If they’ve turned to a competitor, ask a few questions to determine why they switched. Efforts to rectify the error, apologize for an instance of bad service or explain a change in your offerings might win them back.

Although promoting your business will require brainstorming, funding and labor, the effort will pay off in the long run. You’ll not only gain new customers but also improve your relationships with existing ones.

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