Brands and Logos: The Connection

Brands are just all around you. If you pause for a moment and start counting the number of logos around you, you will definitely be surprised. In just 2 minutes, I counted over 35 logos around me, before I gave up looking for more, that too in the small cubicle from where I write this post. Incredible, isn’t it? The larger the area, the more exposure you’ll have with brands. Malls, Fashion Streets, City Centers and even local Grocery stores are just bombarded with different brands. Some statistics state that on an average a person comes around 6000 brands in a day.

So, what is a Brand and what does it entail?Theoretically, a brand is a method of communicating about a product or a company to create a lasting impression on its target audience. However, brands are all about trust and how people perceive them. Brands have more of a psychological and emotional relationship with the consumers than the actual Brands also have a tangible element attached to them; something that can be noticed by one of the five senses. Do you remember the swoosh or the tick mark? Nike it is, yes! As soon as we see certain logos the whole picture of a brand comes to our mind. It is not only the logo that has such an impact, it can be something else too, like some form of imagery, pictures, graphics, sounds, certain unique fragrance or a certain feel when touched.It is more of the visual elements of the brand that plays a role in building a brand as it is this part of the brand that is the most recognised and recognisable. Also, the logo of the brand is what comes in contact with the customers the most. The human mind is a great visualizer, a large part of our memory depends on the things that we see. This makes a logo the most important feature of a brand. Logos are many different types and the most common ones are Wordmarks, Letterforms, Emblems or Pictorial Forms or Abstract pieces of art.

We understand that a Brand is a perception and Logo its representation. We never see Rolls Royce manufacture a car for people with lower income nor do we see Adidas make shoes for a formal dress up. This is because while the former is a symbol of class and luxury, the latter is associated with sports.

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