Genesis11 Review: A Leading Online Trading Platform

Online trading can be a risky business if you do not do you through research first before jumping into this particular domain. A large part of this preparation is selecting the most suitable online trading platform and broker. The right platform is reliable, fully secure, offers excellent customer service and support a variety of trading options. Genesis11 is a great trading platform that ticks all of these check boxes.  I would highly recommend it to both novice traders and the experienced ones who have been online trading for a while. Read on for a Genesis11 review which will tell you why it is a leading online trading platform.

Safety and Regulations

When online trading, there is always a risk of your data getting hacked by a hacker or some other cybercriminal. They might get their hands on your sensitive information and misuse it which can have unpleasant repercussions. Hence, it is pivotal to trade in a completely secure environment. If you have safety concerns, I would like to tell you that there no such problems when you trade on the Genesis11 trading platform. They have implemented the latest security software along with other security measures such as SSL certificates and 2-factor face authorization to ensure no unauthorized personnel can gain access into the trading database.

Furthermore, the Gensis11 platform is fully regulated. A 3rd party regulation agency constantly monitors the activities of your broker to ensure they are compliant with all the policies. If your broker performs any dubious activity, the regulation agency can seize the trading power of the broker and notify you immediately. Therefore, you can rest assured that trading on Genesis11 is a very safe practice and you do not have to worry about any external or internal security breaches.

Trading Instruments

You have the luxury of trading in various assets on the Genesis11 platform. You may choose between futures, stocks, crypto currencies, indices and much more. What I liked was that all of these trading options are available on the same platform so there is no need to consider online trading establishments. Whatever you need, you will find on the Genesis11 platform. Moreover, you can do all your trading from the comfort of your home without any restriction. If you have no prior knowledge regarding any trading instrument, you can always utilize the educational materials in the Genesis11 database to read up and gather relevant knowledge. You may also consult your broker regarding which trading asset is most suitable for you to invest in. That largely depends on whether you are a seasonal trader or a newcomer.

Account Options

Most online brokers only let brokers sign up for single trading account. However, that is not the case with Genesis11. As a trader you have several account options that you can sign up with on Genesis11. Depending on how experienced you are at online trading and the investment budget you have, you may choose between basic, silver, gold and platinum packages. If you are a newcomer in the trading world, I would recommend that you go with Basic whereas Platinum might be more suitable to you if you are a pro online trader. Gold and platinum accounts are best to expand your trading portfolios quickly and make generate more profits in a short time. Just keep in mind you need more investments to sign up for these accounts.


To summarize, Genesis11 is an all-encompassing trading platform which is ideal for all novice and seasonal traders. It is reliable, secure, provides various trading and investment options and has a very easy to use interface. In addition, you can contact their team round the clock if you have any kind of questions regarding their practices and policies. If you would like to make the most out of your online trading journey, I would suggest you sign up an account with them.


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