Why Hiring an Accident Attorney is a Sound Investment

Despite the responsible party or their insurance company telling you that you will be compensated for the injuries you sustained, that usually is not enough when the case goes to trial. If you only have the word of the responsible party, by that time they have already secured a lawyer and will fight to make sure that you receive the smallest possible settlement. Working with a local accident attorney is your best chance to get the large cash settlement that will provide for you for many years. These are a few of the ways an Athens AL Personal Injury Attorney will ensure you receive adequate compensation moving forward.

Preserving All the Accident Evidence

There won’t be much of a case if there is no evidence. The longer you wait to consult with an accident attorney, the harder it will be to return to the scene and preserve the evidence. Once you reach out and consult with the law firm, your attorney will rush out a team of investigators who specialize in preserving the scene, so the insurance company and courts get a better idea of what happened that day. The team will begin by taking hundreds of pictures, videotaping the entire area, speaking with witnesses, and taking important measurements.

Dealing with Challenging Situations

One thing you may not be aware of is the insurance company has developed ways to prolong these cases for years if needed. The game they play is to frustrate the victim to the point they wind up settling for far less to just put this case behind them. Your attorney has seen these antics plenty of times and will consult with you, so you understand what is happening along the way. Your attorney will be in contact with the insurance company and deal with challenging issues objectively, making certain to keep emotion out of the equation.

Determining the Value of Your Injuries

Once all the evidence has been collected and analyzed, all the witnesses interviewed, doctors consulted with, and your injuries addressed, now your accident attorney needs to start putting the right settlement price on your case. Getting this right is critical because the insurance company is going to do everything to try and get the number lowered in court. By carefully selecting a settlement price that will protect you long past your retirement years, you will not have to worry about those medical bills piling up while you are unable to work. Your attorney is invested in making certain you are protected long after this case is settled.

Your personal injury lawyer will make certain you are being seen by the best medical professionals while the law firm is busy taking care of all the other issues pertaining to this complicated case. Your lawyer will be analyzing evidence, speaking with witnesses, and filing papers in a timely manner, making certain the insurance company and adjuster are aware there will be no compromise once the settlement amount has been determined.

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