Eye-Catching Packaging Strategies For Your Business

The packaging is the first thing your consumer sees when interacting with your product. Therefore, it should be eye-catching and draw attention to whatever you’re selling. However, this is much easier said than done.

In this post, courtesy of the packaging experts at Kendon Packaging, you’ll find a run through of some strategies businesses should consider when overhauling their packaging game – from colours to materials and beyond.

Sharpen your colour scheme

Arguably the most eye-catching strategy you can employ as a business owner is to package your products in sharp primary colours. From rich reds to lush yellows and cool blues, work out which colour best represents your products and run with it – your product will stand out on shelves and you won’t ever be accused of having boring packaging.

Colours can also help the logistical side of things. Using products such as coloured packaging tape can help you organise orders in the warehouse much easier, allowing for more productivity amongst your workforce. This is vital for a fast-paced eCommerce startup, as your delivery promptness goes a long way towards establishing your company’s overall reputation.

Put eco-friendliness first

Another way to attract attention to your brand through your packaging is by using eco-friendly materials wherever possible. From recyclable cardboard to minimising the use of environmentally damaging plastics, there’s a huge range of options available. Once you’ve identified an eco-packaging strategy, you should then promote it using your social media channels.

It’s very important to do this in that particular order because if you purport your business to be eco-friendly without setting the groundwork first, you leave yourself open for accusations of ‘greenwashing’ (claiming eco-friendliness without any evidence). This can be disastrous for any brand, so take these steps to avoid it!

Think about the user experience

The experience of opening a package has been commodified and turned into a form of entertainment viewed by millions. The phenomenon of the ‘unboxing video’ shows no signs of going away, so think about how your brand can embrace it in every step of the process.

If you look at an iPhone box, for example, you’ll find that it’s very satisfying to slide it open and reveal the phone and elegantly packed charging cable within. It’s an experience in itself, and Apple knows this. A pleasant box-opening experience can transform the consumer’s view of the product itself, so make sure yours is as tactile and pleasant as possible.

Package food creatively

If you run a small-scale takeaway food outlet, then chances are you’ll have a lot of competition. A way of making yourself stand out from the crowd is through your choice of food packaging. Make sure your logo is displayed prominently on your burger or pie wrappers to generate interest from passers-by.

Using printed tissue paper as napkins is another savvy brand-boosting strategy, one that will be especially useful in a competitive space such as an event with several different vendors.

All in all, a new packaging strategy shouldn’t come at the detriment of your bottom line. Scale your efforts and make sure you always have one eye on how the new packaging performs sales-wise and you’ll make a success of it in no time.

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