Eine Anleitung zum Ändern Ihrer Druckerpatrone

Your printer should always keep its cartridge. At the same time, it is recommended to use the printer regularly, because if you neglect it, the ink can dry up and become hard. However, it will inevitably drain with prolonged use of the printer. That’s why you need to learn how to properly set your printer cartridge. Surely you may think that it is best to go to a technician to get this done. But that costs you in fees you should save on gas or your snacks instead. That is why we are happy to help you by providing you with a guide on how to remove your printer cartridge.


First, document all the details needed to identify your printer cartridge. You must write down the make and model or OEM number of the printer. This will help you determine the right cartridge for you as the product also varies by printer model. You can also check official receipts or other documents that came with the printer for the OEM number and brand at the time of purchase. Next, open your printer and open the door that hides the cartridges. Turn on the printer to make the print head move for itself. Check and record the cartridge type and number by removing the product or just looking at the product. You can also use your ink research to learn more about their price and other specifications.

Purchase a new one for replacement or refill

The documentation you wrote down can be used to buy printer cartridges online or at malls where you can visit a computer store or printer and ink stand. You can ask them to either replace the cartridge or refill the cartridge instead. Refilling may be a better choice, especially if the store doesn’t have the exact model number you wrote.

Remove the cartridge

Your printer type depends on the steps you need to take to remove the cartridge you want to replace or refill. So open the case of your printer where the cartridges are exposed and grab the cartridge by the clips. The cartridges often have clips that you can press to release them from the printer’s ink tank. You need to pull it an angle away from the area where it can be attached. If you have difficulties with this, you can ask those who sell printer ink and printers in the mall for help. But be sure to watch the ink seller to see if they give a sufficient amount of ink , or it is better to look for another service.

Attaching the new cartridge

When you’re done refilling or buying a new cartridge, you need to shake it first before plugging it into your printer. Shaking helps make the first few sets of prints look better as it helps distribute the ink evenly. Make sure the cartridge is shaken in its packaging or pouch to prevent leakage or spillage. Remove the cartridge protection that covers the ink dispenser as you will never need this sticker again. Insert the cartridge by simply reversing the steps you performed to remove the cartridge. It is not that difficult to attach and remove the cartridge; Only when removing it from the printer, use the utmost care. Cartridges that were bought new

Now that all the steps are mentioned, you can finally do a test print. You can access the test print in your printer’s driver app or type a few letters before printing it. The ink cartridge of the printer always needs extreme care. That’s why replacing or refilling is a great idea that can help you maintain the quality of your device for an excellent and accurate way to print photos and documents easily.

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