Benefits of Hockey Jerseys in Edmonton

Any hockey fan worth their salt can pick out their team logo and colours from a mile away. These are two of the most important element of a team’s identity. Changing the team’s website colour to match the team colours is an easy process. Changing the crest colours and design is somewhat more tasking. Heck, even creating the team crest is a tasking process – one that only a skilled designer can accomplish.

But why does a hockey team need a crest? Well, for one, most teams operate with the same dynamics as businesses. Their brand is everything to them. For this reason, they need to stand out from the crowd, which only a crest can do. Let’s dig deeper into the benefits.

Before you hire a company for jersey cresting in Edmonton or even design the crest, you should learn of the benefits.

Gives the team an identity

Here is the thing. Team logos are not just designed to appear on the league standings and tables or to be printed on the hockey jerseys in Edmonton. Instead, they function as the identity of the players, fans and club members, as well. Just like a country’s flag, the crest of a hockey team evokes strong emotions from its fans and supporters. It gives everyone affiliated with the team a sense of unity and belonging, which in turn fosters support and loyalty. Not bad at all for a tiny picture on a jersey, right?

It makes everything look professional

While the logo is great for communicating unity and team spirit to fans, supporters and team members, it also gives the team a professional image. A well-designed crest and jersey cresting in Edmonton that is done perfectly depict your commitment to the sport and that you take yourself seriously.

Every professional team needs to have one

Even if the team is not playing in the big leagues, showcasing yourself to the world like you are will cause other players to view you as a force to reckon with. In addition, you will attract sponsors and supporters. All this from a one-time investment? You can only imagine the ROI on the design and jersey cresting.

Makes you memorable and recognizable

There are many hockey teams in the world. An individual hearing about you for the first time has a better chance of remembering you through your crest. It helps if the cresting on the hockey jerseys in Edmonton is done professionally. For this reason, you should pick a cresting service that is skilled and has experience and reputation in the industry. You cannot afford to have anything go wrong and risk ruining your reputation and image to the world.

When creating the crest/logo, you should take your time. Go through the whole design process without skipping a step. Speaking of the design process, below is the short version of the steps to follow.

  • Brainstorm – in this stage, you should come up with a rough design of the logo.
  • Research – this is important to give you some inspiration. Be careful not to end up copying designs off the Internet, though.
  • Choose a team font – with so many fonts available online, you will be able to find one that represents your team best.
  • Start sketching – put all the ideas on paper (emphasis on the term ‘all’). You can refine them later.
  • Refine – with all the designs on the table, choose one that best represents your team. Prefer simplicity, appropriateness, tangibility, and distinctiveness.
  • Reflect on the designs
  • Pick your favourite

The above steps are tasking. So, if you don’t want the hassle, you can always contract the cresting company to design the crest/logo, as well.

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