Registry Services Offered in Edmonton

The whole process of registering a company, getting a driver’s license or acquiring vital statistic documents can be lengthy, cumbersome, time consuming and relatively expensive. The best aspect to this is that there are reputable agencies that can help make these processes quicker, easier and less costly. The registries have numerous accredited and friendly specialists that can help you through each step of the registration process.

Registry Services Offered in Edmonton

If you are a resident of Edmonton and are in need of any kind of registry services, there are licensed agencies that can assist you. These registries are staffed with highly qualified and accredited specialists that usually provide great online services for land title, corporate as well as personal property registry needs. Whether you are in dire need of business registration or motor vehicle registration in Edmonton, these agencies can help. They have specialized in:

  1. Business Registration in Edmonton

The experts at these agencies can provide you with great business name research and reservation support when you are registering your company. They can quickly and very efficiently assist you to incorporate your new company, file annual returns, and declare a partnership or even your trade name. These agencies can also help you accomplish the process of amalgamation, continuance or even revival.

  1. Motor Vehicle Registration in Edmonton

If you want to register your motor vehicle in Edmonton, these experts can help make this process smoother and easier. They can help you register your motorcycles, trucks, cars, snowmobiles, as well as off-road vehicles, which require valid registration certificates. The best thing is that once you have been documented as the rightful owner of a certain vehicle, it becomes easier to prove ownership in case it is towed, stolen or lost.

  1. Health Care Insurance Registration in Edmonton

The registries are also renowned for providing reliable in-person Healthcare Account Registration and information changing services. Whether you are registering for the first time or you want to update the information on your insurance coverage, such as your name, marital status, your address, or you simply want to add or remove dependents on the coverage, these experts can help.



  1. Land Title Searches in Edmonton

The land title is a very important aspect to any property or parcel of land, as it normally shows ownership of any piece of land. It also provides vital information concerning the property like its legal description, the parcel identifier and legal charges against that title. In case you require any land title information, the knowledgeable and highly qualified staff at these agencies can offer you topnotch land title searches based on your needs. They normally search municipal sources, land title databases and a range of other non-governmental databases for:

  1. a) Surface & mineral title searches
  2. b) Tax searches, legal descriptions, and certificates
  3. c) Regular, certified as well as historical titles

The registries can also provide you with court house searches, driver’s license acquisition and renewal, vital statistics searches, as well as personal property registry searches and registration. Whether you are in need of motor vehicle registration or business registration in Edmonton, these agencies can help.

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