Oilfield Rentals and Services Offered in Edson

If you are one of those people working in the oil and gas industry, then you fully understand that without certain equipment and services you may not complete your project successfully. To avoid any inconveniences, you can rent superior quality equipment or enlist the services of professionals. The best side to this is that there are companies that usually offer great oilfield equipment rentals and related services.

Oilfield Rentals and Services Offered in Edson

If you are in Edson and need professional oilfield services or the most reliable equipment rentals, there are contractors that can help. These experts always strive to provide quality supplies, affordable rentals and unmatched oilfield services that can be customized to your needs. Whether you need a high performance gravel truck or bed truck in Edson, these companies have different types of trucks and equipment for your unique operations. They typically offer:

  1. Gravel Trucks

These companies have top-of-the-line gravel trucks that can be used to carry different types of materials, including aggregates such as road crush, gravel, sand, and rip rap, among other products. Moreover, all of their gravel trucks have been designed to allow for easier loading and unloading of the materials. Whether you need a tri-axle or tandem gravel truck in Edson for your oilfield or construction project, these companies can offer you the best trucks for your needs.

  1. Bed Trucks

These are unique types of trucks that are capable of handling the toughest of jobs. They have been designed to transport huge cargo and work in extremely rough terrain. You can contact these professionals in case you have any cargo that is way too heavy for conventional trailers or tractors and they will offer you great quality bed trucks that will ensure that the load is transported in a safe and secure manner. If you need a high-performance bed truck in Edson, these companies can help.

  1. Steam Trucks

These companies have numerous steam trucks that can help in ensuring optimal thermal efficiency at your worksite. Their steam trucks can help prevent freezing problems and enable you to avoid the halting of work during cold winter months. The steam trucks may also be used for a range of on-site cleaning projects. Whether you need a steam truck for pipeline and valve thawing or steam cleaning, these companies can meet your needs.


  1. Rental Equipment

Besides the different trucks, these professionals can also supply you with a wide range of equipment that will help make your work more efficient and your project successful. They have an assortment of high performance and well-serviced equipment that will meet the unique requirements of your project. This includes:

  1. Light towers
  2. Rig matting
  3. Heavy weight drill stems
  4. Flare stacks
  5. Diesel wash guns
  6. Fire extinguishers
  7. Barrel and Floc tanks
  8. Mini vacs
  9. Texas camps
  10. Geo shacks
  11. Pipe racks
  12. Grated steps
  13. Scissor lifts
  14. Water well pumps

These companies can also supply you with superior water well drilling, construction equipment, as well as water trucks, among other things. They have everything you might need for your oilfield operations. Whether you need a high performance gravel truck or bed truck in Edson, these companies can help.

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