How You can Design the Perfect Product Label for Your Target Customer: Facts You Should Know

The label of your product can make a world of difference in how your target market accepts your product. Even if you believe you have created and developed a really beneficial product – something your customers will undoubtedly appreciate – it still needs to draw your customers’ eye and attention, and you can only do this with the proper product label. But first – you should find out who your target consumer is in the first place. Knowing who your audience is will determine various factors which comprise your label. Here, then, is how you can design the perfect product label for your target customer: facts you should know.

Defining your customer

Your first step to designing the right label – a label that appeals to your customer – is to define who your customer really is and what they are looking for in a product. Remember that different individuals will have different responses to various cues, especially when it comes to their visual sense, and this includes cues such as colours, imagery, and fonts, so you need to design your product label in a way that appeals to your audience.

What you need to find out

The age and gender

There are various factors you need to find out about your customers as well, so you know what label will attract them and grab their attention. For instance, what is the age of your customer? This comes from knowing your product – you need to know what your product can do so that you can determine the age of your ideal customer. The next step is to determine your customer’s gender. Based on your product, is your customer predominantly female, or male? Once you have figured this element out, you can have an easier time determining the right label design for your product. A product geared towards females, for instance, would benefit more from a label with feminine colours and imagery, such as flowers and pastels.

The values

You also need to find out the values of your ideal customer, as Atwell Labellers, makers and suppliers of a broad and highly-advanced labelling machine selection, attest. What aspects matter to customers before they make a purchase or even look at a product? For example, is your customer attracted to values of product sustainability and environmental consciousness? Then your label should showcase this as well. Is your customer drawn to ethical values, such as social consciousness? You should then have a label which promotes these kinds of values, too. 

Their education and familiarity with your brand

You should also learn more about the education of your target audience, as this will help you come up with the appropriate label. What is their level of education? Are they high school level or degree level? Also, find out their familiarity with your brand. Do they already know your brand? If they are already familiar with your company and brand, then you can also utilise this familiarity.

Once you have your vision of your ideal customer and target market, you can design a label that’s appropriate – a label which can attract them and is geared towards their innate needs and wants.

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