Effective Garbage Removal Methods in Nanaimo

Given the different kinds of waste produced in our homes and industries every day, being aware of all the possible waste disposal methods that are available can make the task of disposing of waste in your home much easier, not to mention you can find an effective garbage disposal method that can serve your daily purposes.

Let’s take a look at some of the various methods used in garbage removal in Nanaimo:

  1. Recycling

Recycling is a top-tier environmentally-friendly waste disposal method. Recycling serves to transform wastes, such as plastics, glass, paper or aluminum into similar products through industrial processing. This helps produce raw materials, which can be used for sustainable production without the depletion of natural resources.

  1. Land Fills and Dumps

This is a common method used for garbage removal in Nanaimo. Landfills are usually used for non-recyclable materials. Basically, the non-recyclable waste materials from various parts of the city are transported in roll-off bins to the landfill area, they are then spread out in a thin layer on the low lying area, the soil is then added on top of each layer of garbage and spread out evenly. Upon completion, the area is rendered unfit for construction. In any case, landfills should be created in low lying areas that are of low groundwater level and far from sources of flooding.

  1. Open Burning

Open burning is one of the most widely used methods of garbage disposal in Nanaimo. This helps reduce the volumes of waste by burning. Unfortunately, this method offers some disadvantages, as through burning of garbage, toxic gases are directly released into the atmosphere, which poses a great danger to both animals and human beings. The toxic gases released can pose a great challenge to the reproductive and respiratory system, which can lead to severe health issues. To prevent this, open burning should be carried out in areas far from human or animal inhabitants.

  1. Incineration

Incineration is a type of garbage removal in Nanaimo which features the combustion of garbage to transform it into its base components. This is an efficient method of disposing of hazardous wastes. In incineration, intense heat is administered to the waste and reduces it to ash, heat or waste gas by-products which are then decontaminated and released into the environment. Though incineration does not destroy all the waste, it does help decrease waste by about 90%. The energy or heat extracted as a by-product in the process can be extracted for heating, cooking or supplying power to turbines, but only after inspection of micro-level contaminants is done.

  1. Compositing

Composting is a common method of garbage disposal in Nanaimo households. Composting involves the consolidation of decomposing materials such as food scraps and yard waste in a pit for a long period of time. These wastes help improve the fertility of soil by enriching the soil with helpful nutrients as well as increasing water retention capacity.

  1. Waste Compaction

Waste compaction involves compacting recyclable materials into compact blocks for recycling. These wastes are then loaded into special dumpster bins called roll-off bins and then sent to respective industries for recycling. This process helps reduce airspace as well as prevent the oxidation of metals, which in turn helps make transportation and positioning of these wastes into roll-off bins easy.

Wrapping Up

There are various garbage disposal methods today. However, trying to minimize waste and recycling wastes we produce every day is the best policy to adopt to avoid exerting pressure on the environment.

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