In These Austere Days of Austerity, Do You Need a Great Cause to Which You Can Commit Your Life?

“We are probably in for another seven years austerity. That is not the way it was in the Bible!” – so reported the BBC News Economics Commentator.Ah, but there does not appear to be a Joseph around.Joseph was the man who rescued a massive area of the Middle East from starvation and death, in time of famine, but at such painful personal cost during his early life.Joseph was much more than a dreamer, although his dreams had significant importance and relevance.Because of sibling envy, he was rejected by his family, and sold off to some traders.Today, we would say he was ‘trafficked’.He was forgotten, used and abused, imprisoned, and overlooked by people who promised to help him.Rising to a trusted position in the house of Pharaoh, he fled from a temptress, the wife of his trusting boss.

He was promoted to the equivalent of Prime Minister, in charge of the economy and ‘food banks’ throughout Egypt.In a time of plenty he stored up grain for the seven years when there would be serious shortages.If only there had been a Joseph in RBS and HBOS, we might not be in the financial predicament facing our nation.Joseph was a man of God who was also a prophetic visionary. He was an ‘extremist’.If he were raised up by God today most would ridicule and laugh, and more than likely dismiss his ‘ramblings’.When his siblings came to Egypt for food, discovering later that the distributing governor was their ‘trafficked’ brother, they rightly became afraid.Joseph graciously explained – “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good, to rescue and save many lives”.It pays to listen to God, and to God’s man. It always does.Men like Pater and Andrew and James and John responded to the call of Jesus Christ immediately, and they certainly changed the world around them.Matthew heard the distinct and specific call of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and he left his job as a tax collector and followed the Christ who not only called him but transformed him.Saul of Tarsus was apprehended by the risen and living Jesus and after three days in prayer and fasting in the city of Damascus he was so changed that the man who had hunted Christians wanting to eradicate and wipe out the Church of Jesus Christ, was soon to be preaching that Christ is the Messiah and Saviour and Lord.This is radical truth that can change and rescue a community and a nation.The hunter was soon one of those being hunted.

When Jesus Christ transforms and changes a man the difference is astonishing.I am so glad that this happened to me these many years ago and it has lasted.Jesus Christ came to give life. He came to forgive our sins and sins and heal and strengthen our bodies.This same Son of God came to give light where there is darkness.Our banks and business houses and commercial world and government offices so need this reforming and renewing and rescuing power today.How can you be involved in this mighty moving of Almighty God?True discipleship is exciting and thrilling and adventurous. It is also costly and demanding, but you will be working and serving in the greatest cause any man or woman could ever have.Do you want a great cause in these austere days of austerity? Here it is!

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