Business Advice From Marketing Takeover – Baby Steps to Grow Your Business

Have you ever started a business in the middle with the end in sight? You may have been introduced to a business or opportunity by someone who already is successful in the business with a large organization. You get pumped up and inspired to do exactly what they are doing. But instead of taking baby steps from the beginning to grow a strong and lasting business, you jump right in expecting immediate success. The person that introduced the business to you encourages you to take steps that you are not prepared to take.Unfortunately, for some, when they reach a level of success, they forget the steps that they took to get there. So when they partner up with you, they forget some of the most important steps in the beginning to set them up for success. It is like buying a baby girl a pair of high heels and expecting her to be able to learn to walk in them. Each step you take in business is important to your success. If you start out running, you will have more opportunity to trip, fall and possibly hurt yourself. A business kind of hurt is typically felt most in your pocket. But when you start out taking baby steps, with proper shoes and proper support, your footing is more secure, and each step gets steadier as you grow in your knowledge and understanding of the business model.

Baby steps aren’t taken all at once. Business advice isn’t given all at once either. Here are five baby steps you can take towards growing your business.1. Expose your business to large amounts of people. You can expose your business through flyers, business cards, networking at various events, trade shows and advertising. Make sure your business stays in the forefront as much and as often as possible.2. Let people know what you do…especially when asked. Don’t be shy or afraid to tell people that you have your own business. Believe me, they wish they did too. Talk or connect with fresh new people every day.Meet and greet people when you are out and about, invite new people as friends via the internet on social sites, volunteer for worthy causes in your community which will all increase your resource list.3. Educate yourself everyday through online tutorials, articles written by other experts, and materials on your industry and other industries that exhibit good business models. Don’t just stay in your industry, you will be surprised at what you can learn from other businesses and how they got started and how they market their products.

4. Stay connected with your organization and outside resources. Follow-up with individuals on information that you may have provided, a service or product that they received or questions that they or you may have. Follow-up can be done in several different ways such as telephone, e-mail or note cards.5. Seek out a coach to help you strategize and organize your action plan. A Coaching relationship doesn’t have to be long term, it can be just enough to get you through an area that you need additional development on. A coach will help you stay on task and help you experience life to the fullest in order to live life to your highest potential.So take your baby steps, one at a time. Before you know it, your business will have the strength and balance to support your every need.

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