At Home Business Owner – How to Get Solid Business Advice When Working Alone

This is a quick little article that will show you some good ways to get business advice when you do not have a team of mentors that work with you. Everyone needs help form time to time, and solo professionals sometimes have a hard time finding it.Here are a few places/situations that you can go for advice. All of them are free:1. Legal- Many libraries have free legal advice once a month, where a practicing attorney will answer your questions for 30 minutes or so. You will need to make an appointment in advance. Make sure you are prepared ahead of time by writing out all of your questions. Do not ask anything that you already know the answer to, so that you are not wasting the person’s time.

2. Mastermind groups- Create a close group of people that you trust in non-competing fields. If you don’t know anyone, post a sign at the local library or chamber of commerce. You can gather a group of professionals and bounce ideas off them once a month. As a whole, the group will help each other succeed and there is no need to worry about competition.3. Same category mastermind groups- You can create a weekly or monthly conference call of a small group of people that are in your niche, but won’t compete with you directly. These people will be intimately familiar with your trials and tribulations, able to offer advice and you can help them without worrying that they will steal your customers.

4. Answer boards for specific industries- Professionals join these answer groups on-line so that they can have their specific business questions answered. The people that do the answering are experts in their topic and usually have a profile created so that you can contact them for additional help. This is a great way to get specific problems solved by an expert, for free.

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