5 Qualities that will get you noticed by Executive Headhunters

Although most organisations have similar quality requirements on the people they employ, executive positions require more. This is because company executives have significant influence on the direction the company takes. Some help their companies to make billions in profit while poor-performing executives can lead a corporation to bankruptcy.

Most firms, therefore, pick top executives mainly based on their personal qualities as opposed to their academic qualifications. This is because the executives need to be strong, highly qualified candidates that can make decisions quickly and under intense pressure.

Professional headhunting firms usually work with employers to ensure their clients get the best. The headhunters conduct investigations to determine the best fit for each of their clients. To do this, the recruiters compare what they know about candidates with the job’s requirements and determine if a candidate is suitable for the position.

Other than academic papers, the following are some of the qualities that http://www.eagleheadhunters.co.uk/executive-headhunter/ are looking for:

Honest and reliable

Most company executives are responsible for the most critical aspects of a firm. For instance, they control the flow of resources and control the trajectory a particular company takes. As such, a great executive needs to be a trustworthy individual, someone that can be trusted with all those responsibilities.

Most company boards only meet a few times per month; the real job of running the organisation is left to the executives. As a result, the executive needs to be someone that the directors can rely on to take care of things on their behalf.


Company executives need to be highly ambitious because their job mainly involves working towards achieving short-term and long-term goals. As such, they need to be enthusiastic to keep up with the competitive nature of business. If an executive is not working on a strategy to grab a market segment, her or his firm could lose it to the more ambitious competitors.

Candidates seeking to be noticed by the potential employers need to demonstrate ambition in their CV as well as in their experiences. They have to show the ambition to grow through the company ranks and display excellence in their day-to-day activities as well as in previous job positions.


Although company executives are often viewed as mean people, the truth is that most companies are more interested in working with humble individuals. This is because humble people connect with people better.

A humble executive can easily connect with the employees, suppliers, and customers and get to the root of any problem. An outgoing executive is also able to forge good relationships with other key players in the industry.


Company executives must sell a positive attitude to their clients, suppliers and the public. A good company executive should possess the ability to inspire a positive attitude because it promotes confidence in the organisation. A firm that inspires confidence is more likely to record more sales because customers will trust its products and services. Confidence in the business also helps to maintain employees for longer.


A great company executive should also be able to get down and push until he or she has the desired results. An enterprising person will always put in more effort, have the right attitude and be passionate about his or her dreams before he or she gives up.

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