3 Jobs With High Injury Rates

When police officers, firefighters or military personnel leave their family’s for work, it’s understood they may never come home. Tragedy can strike at any time, but these professions are known for their danger, unpredictability and issues on the job. However, there are other, less obvious careers that also contribute to a high number of employee first aid claims. These are common professions that seem pretty ordinary but have additional dangers that are overlooked. Here are three professions where workman comp cases are more frequent.

  1. Athletes, Coaches and Umpires

While athletes and those involved in sports are in tip-top shape, their bodies can still get hurt. That’s why almost every professional team has physical therapists and trainers on staff to help with recovery and rehabilitation if a player or someone involved in the sport is injured. However, another alarming fact about this profession is the amount of deaths, especially in off-road motorized sporting events. 40% of deaths on the job actually come from motorized vehicle tragedies. It’s important to always put safety first, even in the most high-intensity athletic event. No one wants a fun sporting event to turn deadly.

  1. Phone Line Installers

People who install telecommunication lines work at extremely high heights and can experience injuries from falling, slipping or losing balance. In addition, putting the wire up also requires employees to make the line active, putting them at risk of electric currents going through their bodies. These installers are also in their vehicle a lot traveling to different sites where lines have to be put up, so car accidents also account for a lot of their work-related injuries and fatalities. This is a vital profession to have filled because it helps people communicate and stay connected, but the work requirements and environment can be life threatening at times.

  1. Taxi and Ride-Sharing Drivers

People drive every day. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs just do it for a living meaning they’re on the road more and can end up in car crashes. Civilian drivers face the same risk when they drive themselves places, but professional drivers are around more cars for a longer period of time. In addition, these drivers can also face altercations with people they pick up if someone becomes violent, refuses to pay the amount due or is in an incoherent state of mind from alcohol and other drugs. All of these situations can add up to driving for a living being a dangerous job for those behind the wheel. People in the field have to practice defensive driving, stay alert on the road and be vigilant about who’s getting into their car.

Some professions garner a lot of respect because of the nature of the job and how they keep people safe every day. While those life-saving jobs should be highly regarded, they aren’t the only positions that put people in harm’s way. Many everyday, common jobs also pose major safety risks for those involved, giving a gentle reminder to never take a day for granted. No one knows what can happen when they step outside for their daily shift.

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